Nkuzi Achievements

Nkuzi has engaged with the three legs of land reform (Restitution, Redistribution and Tenure Reform) in Limpopo Province since its establishment in 1997.  From May 2000 Nkuzi has also worked with farm residents in the Gauteng Province.  A great deal has been learnt in this time, and Nkuzi has gained a reputation for assisting marginalized communities in their struggles for recognition of their land rights.  The slow pace of government delivery in land reform has resulted in Nkuzi taking more responsibility in assisting beneficiaries of land restitution and land redistribution. We have also carried out contract work on behalf of government and other institutions to expedite land reform. Nkuzi has assisted thousands of farm dwellers who were faced with evictions and violation of human rights throughout Limpopo and Gauteng Province. One of the successes of this programme in conjunction with the Legal Unit has been the precedent setting case won in the Land Claims courts which compel the government to provide legal representation to farm workers. This has led to the establishment of justice centres in rural areas. The Legal Unit of Nkuzi has won many cases in court representing farm workers but also helped farm workers during negotiations with land owners. The Research and Policy unit has recently published a report on the extent of farm evictions and its impact since 1994 titled “Still searching for security”. Many other